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Download ELCA Malaria Resources. Read our Malaria Talking Paper. Learn about measuring disease burden. Learn how we are helping and gather more information through our one-page Of Malaria article.

Good maps with links below for discussion of malaria.

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Read the June 2015 ELCA Newsletter

Save the Date: World Malaria Day 2016

Mark your calendars! World Malaria Day is observed internationally on April 25, which this year is a Saturday. We are encouraging congregations to commemorate World Malaria Day on Sunday, April 26. This will be the final observance of World Malaria Day within the ELCA Malaria Campaign, and it is our hope that all Virginia congregations participate! As always, we will provide worship materials and informational resources as the date approaches, which you can use to inspire a meaningful Malaria Sunday observance in your congregation.

Hans Rosling data lecture
Dr. Hans Rosling of Sweden presents a compelling statistical argument that shows we are making significant progress in improving health in Africa. Great discussion piece for adult forums! Play the 15 minute video and start the discussion. Reducing child mortality is an imperative for our church. It is truly God's Work; our hands. And we are making a huge difference in the public health sector. Your dollars at work every day through the church infrastructure in Africa. Join our Team!

More related videos by Dr. Hans Rosling: On Technology, Energy, and Education; and On Religion and Babies
See for lots of background information. For a Government site, go to the Center for Disease Control. Team 2017 is here to support our congregations in your efforts to raise awareness and funding for this life-giving ministry; please contact us with any questions or ideas.
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